Within our inner world lies a whole Universe

Anastasia’s vision of creating healing space has grown into the idea of bringing holidays onto completely different level, where it is based on improving people’s health and wellbeing with working on the aspects of self-growth and conscious expansion.
With the help of her collaborators team, who have different skill sets and high level of expertise, she offers Personalised retreats to those who are looking for a meaningful reset.


“Within our inner world lies a whole Universe”
– Anafae –

Coming from backgrounds in music, dance, theatre and huge experience in bodywork, Anafae seeks a connection with an individual as a whole being, treating all aspects of the physical, emotional and energetic body.
Through her naturally gentle, present and light personality you will immediately feel welcomed, accepted and calm. Her deep wish is to crack your hearts open, so to embrace a genuine authentic dialogue with ourselves and each other on a deep level.
Living through her own personal healing experience, Anafae has found her deep calling for helping others on the way of finding their healing and liberation from very often overwhelming, suffocating and painful lives.

Anafae’s personal story has taken her life upside down since early-age childhood trauma from a loss of her whole family, when she quickly learned to repress her deep feelings by hiding & burying them inside, as a state of defence mechanism shutting down in her own bubble, closing from the outside world by wearing a mask of a strong and independent personality. But the truth was, that underneath there still was that self-suppressed, fearful, wounded, lost and lonely little girl. The unprocessed emotions and feelings of grief, distrust, shame, guilt, anger, hatred, fear, not belonging and unworthiness caused her many years of walking away from her true self. Throughout life she searched for healing and meaning in her life through theratre, dance, yoga, breath, movement and meditation, step-by-step waking up her awareness, shading multi-layers of trauma away and relearning all important life lessons that were missed during her chidhood and further in life as she grew up without a living family example, where understanding of love, trust and belonging are ususally taught. All of that she is still working on now to become a better person every day. When she has realised the main keys were truly missing: Self-Love, Gratitude and truth, remarkably life began to unfold in a magical way, sometimes in an ugly and sometimes increadibly beautiful way, facing all of this helped to freeing herself from years of accumulated self-conditioning and social demands, she learned how to reconnect with her inner essence and slowly but steadily reclaiming back the sense of wholeness and life itself. Therefore she is now wishes to share these tools by helping others to find the light out of the darkness.. embrace the new breath into the life.. set free from emptiness to fullness..

“The walls we create around us for protection are blocking ourselves from shining”
– Anafae –

Today Anafae invites you to embrace: Love, Openness, Unrevealing inner truth and true longings, Wholehearted connection & Expansion of true-self identity ..so to live a wholehearted fulfilling connected life with inner & outer nature and feel alive every day.
She believes there are divine extraordinary powers are hidden in our deepest selves of each and everyone, that were once forgotten when humans lost the connection with our higher selves..

Training & Qualifacations

Rebirthing Breathwork Foundation Diploma

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute ~ Level 4 Advanced therapist

Yin-Yang Ayurvedic Yoga therapist ~500RYT

Children’s Inspired by Yoga, ~ RCYT

Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, ~200RYT

Sivananda Senior & Pregnancy yoga teacher training

 City&Guilds ~ Level 3 Advanced massage therapist

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”
– Edgar Cayce –

Anafae’s life-dream project is to create an alternative Conscious community school for children, adults & families, where our education system would be reconstructed with spiritualised concepts for mindful, whole-hearted, connected, self-sustainable living, introducing subjects like; authentic relating, mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, meditation, emotional integration, embodiment, nature skills, agriculture, herbalism, green building, bioenergetics, ancient traditions philosophy, arts & crafts, music, dance and more..





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