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We mainly operate at the Costa del Sol in Spain: Marbella, Torremolinos, La Cala de Mijas, Benalmadena and Nerja are our most popular destinations.

Yoga and therapies fit around your timetable and take place at convenience of your current or vacational home; in nature; local public parks or secret beaches of Costa del Sol, alternatively you may visit us at our private locations in Marbella or La Cala de Mijas. The prior discussed and agreed location will be sent to you once the booking is confirmed.
Minimum therapy session time lasts 1.5hours, beginning fees from 70€. All yoga sessions are available to book online with reduced fees up to 25% off.

There are always couple of slots left open as an opportunity to receive a healing gift for those, who cannot afford to pay full fee, but truly feel their life would benefit from it. If you are finding yourself in a difficult situation, please reach out.


2 hours – 120€

‘Breath and touch come first as we arrive, and are experienced last as we leave – before sight, before speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth’ ~inspired by Margaret Atwood

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a truly rare form of yoga-based therapy that combines traditional Indian deep tissue massage performed on a mat, assisted by full range of yoga stretches and coordinated with breath work. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage allows to realign the posture and prepares the body for an effective progression in yoga practice by bringing instant benefits on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

This highly effective therapy is performed on the floor allowing free movement and promoting profound sense of being grounded.

Therapist uses both hands and feet, that allows deeper pressure and more effective relief of long-term accumulated knots and adhesions in the muscles and soft tissues. For best benefits of the therapy, AYM session typically takes between 90 and 120 minutes to allow enough time to treat the body as a whole.

  • During the AYM therapeutic massage we stretch not only the muscles, but also target Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore range of motion by treating skeletal muscle immobility.
  • In Ayurvedic Yoga Massage we use PASSIVE STRETCH approach
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  • Various deep tissue massage techniques are used to warm up and prepare the muscles before stretch is preformed, that increases the benefits even further.
  • Incorporating breath. Combining working close to your limits and using breathing to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system helps to release tension from even the most ‘stuck’ parts of your body.

Proper Breathing on its own is the most powerful tool to release 70% of toxins accumulated in the body, when it is combined with movement increasing the benefits even further.

  • If you are either a professional or amateur athlete
  • If you are someone who is involved in physical work or even someone who’s work involves a lot of static positions – you are most likely carrying a lot of stress and tightness in your body that prevent you from feeling quite like yourself.
  • Ayurvedic yoga massage can be invaluable in helping you rediscover the flexibility and freedom of being that you once had as well as forget some aches and pains that have been accumulated through years of neglecting your body.

Just like conventional massage and stretching therapies, AYM is indicated for anyone who carries tension in their bodies that they need to be released.

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1,5 hour – 90€

Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic meditation that involves conscious alteration of natural breathing patterns aiming to relieve mental, physical and emotional blocks. Drawing on concepts from Eastern ancient practices while incorporating Western psychotherapy and modern consciousness techniques, breathwork experience creates a meditative state in your mind & body while raising vibrational energy for major transformation, personal empowerment and self-healing. Incorporated with BioActive Meditation that is inspired by Osho´s dynamic meditations that designed to prepare for deeper meditative states. Each practice combines a number of activities and physical movements such as shaking, breathing, dancing, whirling, sound and more. Each movement meditation method has its own music specifically created to guide the participant through each stage. The active stages help to release accumulated tensions in the mind and body, allowing the natural energy flow to move and uplifting sense of being.

The active stages help to release accumulated tensions and blockages, allowing the natural energy flow to move. These sessions are clearing physical, emotional and mental blocks; expanding consciousness; releasing trauma; attuning with our true selves and our inner voice; uplifting the spirit while reconnecting with all elements.

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1,5 hour – 70€

is a unique and profoundly relaxing therapy, that firstly is experienced in the heated pool or in the sea created for reconnecting with the element of water, while deep relaxation and surrender in the flow of free floating experience bringing inner stillness and peace. Then receiver is wrapped up in the hammock and invited into deep feeling of being loved and nurtured, while been gently massaged and stretched. This therapy also incorporates elements of sound healing. A sense of being ‘mothered’ again has being most commonly experienced during receiving this therapy.

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1,5 hour – 90€

or Art therapy – Therapeutic body painting workshop to reconnect with an artist within you or to explore a complete surrender into the feelings and sensations of being painted on. Art therapy technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Art therapy is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions and work on social skills. Therapies are usually performed in the nature or within private retreat environment.

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1,5 hour – 70€

Is a form of meditation that always takes a place in the nature. Nature bathing is amazing tool for both physical and mental wellbeing. The receiver are invited to a special place in the nature (eg mountains, rivers, forests) where variety of self-healing and reconnecting tools are introduced to them. It is proven to reduce stress hormone production, to improve feeling of happiness and creativity, to lower heart rate and blood pressure while greatly boosting the immune system. Please note, it may involve bathing in cold water.

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All PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS: 1.5h – 70€ & 1h – 45€
Private yoga: Course of 6 – 230€ , Course of 10 – 350€
group yoga sessions please find an updated timetable on our Facebook page.


One-to-one yoga or private yoga is the most safe and effective way to learn and support your practice with a unique plan designed to suit your needs, whether you are recovering from and injury, wishing to enhance wellbeing or learning meditation skills. Individual yoga focuses on your personal objectives for safely tailor-made program to your body and abilities.

By integrating Ayurvedic elemental approach, variety of yoga styles, innovative kinesiological methods of stretch and healing power of acupressure brings in a truly unique combination and extensive opportunity to explore yoga on a deeper authentic level and treat body as a whole system. These private yoga sessions are only available for individual work as a one off trial class or a course of 6 and 10. A consultation prior the course is essential. Information about your energy levels, diet, sleep pattern, previous medical history and stress triggers will help me to understand you both on a physical and emotional level so that I can create the most beneficial practice for you.

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Children yoga workshops are engaging and fun multi-sensory sessions that give creativity skills for life through movement, music, breathing & relaxation. In a playful manner we will learn yoga poses through an inspiring adventures by following the story and connecting to our imagination. Children Yoga helps young children to develop better flexibility and strenghten physical movement, attention skills thrive while social confidence flourishes. This children yoga workshop is available for private bookings, suitable for kids birthday parties and private classes for children with special needs.

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Couple´s yoga is an exciting and intimate way to spend quality time with your partner, while deeply reconnecting and attuning to each other. This workshop will help to build up emotional support, strengthen your bond, enhance intimacy and trust, re-ignite your connection. In a gentle and playful manner we will practice a few partner yoga poses, learn how to reunite within breathwork by exchanging energies. We will also explore a power of touch, and learn how to apply sensual massage techniques to explore new ways of true intimacy and pleasure, aiming to harmonize intimate connection, enriching your feelings and deepening your relationship on many levels. The Partner Yoga workshop is available as a private session for couples as well as a group session.

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Family yoga is a fun way to spend quality, bendy and giggly time together. In a playful manner we will learn yoga poses through an inspiring adventures by following the story and connecting to our imagination. Family Yoga will strengthen your family bond, build up emotional support and trust, enhance positivity and joy. It is an amazing opportunity for the parents to learn new parenting skills, connect with their kids through own inner-child and simply have fun. The Family Yoga workshop is available for private bookings only for maximum of 3 families, suitable for kids birthday parties or family reuniting gatherings.

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Team-up corporate yoga workshop is an amazing experience for a group of co-workers, as a way of enhancing and improving their workplace environment by reducing stress, increasing energy and supporting wellbeing.

We will practice yoga, breathwork and meditation in a friendly manner. In this Corporate Yoga workshop we will gather into circles, while learning new ways of connecting and building up emotional support. Various types of activities like laughter and partner yoga, collaborative games will bring light and positive vibes into a collective.

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Somatic Yoga is an advanced deep meditation with focus on internal senses, that opens a gateway between physical and non-physical body towards the astral essence aiming for self-healing and activation of higher self-being. The Somatic Yoga method is innovative and purely experiential. By practicing one trains the mind to control the physical body on a cellular level and to allow deeper states of conscious self-exploration through the phases of micro inner movements to energetic shifting. It is usually practiced while lying down in “Savasana”- a yoga pose of complete relaxation. Please note, this is available for 1-to-1 private bookings only or within Conscious Detox personal retreat.

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