Welcome to your personal holistic retreat or in other words a healing experience with it’s deep purpose based on intense internal physical, emotional and energetic purification of an individual as a whole being. We mainly operate at Costa del Sol in Spain at our very special carefully selected venues with their natural healing properties around Marbella, Alhaurin el Grande and Mijas.

“We cannot be taught to be spiritual, but we may be seen, heard, accepted, supported, guided and simply loved, so our spirits to be lifted”~A

The programs are offered for individuals as well as for couples, who are looking to deepen their relationship, harmonize intimate connection and strengthen their bond through variety of practices.

Families with children are also welcome, where the programs are created with variety of educational & fun activities and workshops for parents and children through experiencing quality time together and separately, plus if requested with free time given for parents to enjoy their private time, especially if taken as part of family holidays.

Corporate or small group retreats are available with tailor-made approach for alternative holidays and special occasions.
A consultation prior is essential.

Prices start from 150 EUR per day and confirmed after initial consultation. We would like to work around your personal availability and financial capabilities to find the best solution that would serve you in the best way.

Retreats Examples of Suitability

Most often we are not even aware of how much baggage we carry with ourselves on a daily basis – from the tension and toxins in our physical bodies, due to the stress of everyday life to the unresolved, deep seated trauma, such as emotions, feelings, memories etc. Realization only comes after we experience true liberation from all those things that weigh us down by bringing in a feeling of lightness, love and being simply alive. There is no good reason for anyone of us to suffer through life, but there is every reason for us to live in a wholehearted manner in peace and harmony with our true selves.

Suitable for individuals, who are seeking for soul healing as well as for couples looking for bespoke healing retreats to deepen their relationship and families with children that are seeking for alternative and meaningful holidays with an opportunity to recharge, reconnect and enliven their lives.

Retreats Terms & Conditions

  1. Please be aware that, even though you will feel a lot of benefit and shift of prospective in life straight after your experience, in order for this program to reach its full potential a continual true desire for a change and improvement is necessary – we can only provide guidance and tools as well as ongoing support but the act of stepping towards a better life through regular practice and (stay the course) needs come from you.
  2. As with any other fully bespoke program that is tailor made to each person, a consultation is mandatory before we begin this journey.
  3. Please note that this program is designed to be administered at least over a period of 1 to 7 days as an intensive course, however I would highly recommend that more time with a less concentrated approach is considered, with a potential regular follow ups through online video calls.

You are our ideal receivers, if you:

  • are an individual, couple or a family with children, who is looking for a meaningful recharge and reconnection
  • are feeling lost, lonely, rejected, abandoned, unsafe, low self-esteem
  • suffer with depression and anxiety
  • are feeling numb in your body and feelings
  • experience identity crisis
  • are in the beginning of your spiritual soul-searching path
  • are feeling stuck physically, mentally or spiritually
  • experience intense long-term sadness, anger or grief
  • easily experience faint of breath
  • have a built-up of unprocessed emotional trauma
  • are committed towards your own complete development as an individual and to clearing up anything in the way of your ability to self-healing.



Through 3 stages of Conscious detox we learn how to release and let go of blocked energy, trauma & emotional pain, therefore creating space for reconnecting with our inner nature and inviting our true-selves back home.

What is a Detox?

Typical detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from our body. There are hundreds of examples of abundance of those detoxing programs. Most of those do not work, and some could be downright dangerous.
However, there is no denying that some are most certainly useful, but at the end of the day all of them focus on well being of the physical body only. Those that do work, more certainly make your body feel like being born again, but what about the rest of yourself?
Imagine what it would feel like to bring into your daily life practices of purification that focus on all aspects of our whole being – body, mind, emotions, energy, awareness and soul.

The programs for individuals take from 1 to 3 days.


Ayurvedic yoga therapy, Breathwork, Somatic yoga practice, Hammock massage, Active meditation, Sound healing, Water therapy, Yoga Kriyas, Art therapy, Sacred rituals and Nature bathing.

During 1 to 3 days the time that we share together, will be all about releasing the blockages that have accumulated throughout your life. Now you might already feel scared and vulnerable to share your own space with someone you don’t even know. But at this very point, I am warning you, that taking this only step out of your comfort zone, might become a life-changing experience, that will begin to unfold your life in anew miraculous way.

‘Comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there’-uknown

The invitation here for you to stay present in the moment of receiving by inhabiting each moment and to be aware of all feelings, sensations & vibrations on somatic level. Here is nor rejection, nor judgement, nor expectations. All of you is welcome in this intimate and vulnerable space, where we hope you to feel fully accepted, loved and nurtured.

Conscious Detox Program has been a passion of mine, that I am truly honored to be able to bring to life, based on my insight or so called expertise (coming from many years of studying and working with human body as a bodywork therapist, yoga and movement instructor, and lately added knowledge of breathwork and consciousness awakening tools)

Conscious detox is designed to purify all components that make us who we are.


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Partner yoga , Couples massage workshop, Breathwork, Somatic yoga practice, BioActive meditation and Conscious movement, Sound healing, Water therapy, Yoga Kriyas, Intimate Art therapy, Sacred rituals and Nature bathing.

Couples private retreat is an exciting and intimate way to spend quality time with your partner, while deeply reconnecting and attuning to each other on a higher level. This profound quality time together will help to build up emotional support, strengthen your bond, enhance intimacy and trust. In a gentle and playful manner we will share varieties of practices and learn new ways of relating aiming to reunite and harmonize your relationship.

The programs for couples take from 3 to 7 days.

For info & reservations: 


Family, Children and Couple yoga, Co-creative time through dance and music, Connecting and sharing circles and games, Breathing exercises, Meditation & Mindfulness, Exploring connecting touch, Art & Crafts, Exploring local nature and secret places.

Family personalised retereat is an exciting way to spend quality, bendy and giggly time together. In a gentle and playful manner we will share varieties of practices through games and inspiring adventures by connecting to our imagination. This experience will strengthen your family bond, build up emotional support and trust. It is an amazing opportunity for the parents to learn new parenting skills, connect with their kids through their own inner-children and simply have fun, as well as to enjoy their personal well deserved free time if requested.

The programs for families take from 3 to 7 days.

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Circle and partner yoga, Fitness activities, Co-creative time through dance and music, Connecting and sharing circles, Collaborative games, Breathing exercises, Meditation & Mindfulness, Exploring connecting touch, Collective Art & Crafts, Local hiking.

Corporate private retreat could be an exciting experience for a group of co-workers or friends. It can also suit as an alternative for a hen do party, birthday celebrations, small private parties of up to 12 people. For larger groups please request 3 months prior planned holiday.

The programs for groups take from 3 to 7 days.

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In this retreat anything within an imagination of your ideal private holiday may be requested, with taking into concideration that we only accomodate wellbeing conscious events. Here you are the creator of your own experience and we only accommodate you with the best facilitators, planning and organising your perfectly tailored retreat based on your personal needs and ideas. Any fitness or water sport, rock climbing, healing and transformational activities can be mixed and matched within these retreats. Please note, for this type of retreat well in advance planning should be applied.

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To create your ideal experience you may pick and choose from our list of extra workshops and therapies to be added into your retreat program, as well as you may request an activity of your own choice and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Ideas of extra activities for additional cost:

  • Sound bath
  • Psychosomatic fasciatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Energy healing
  • Hot stone & Aromatherapy massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Theta healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past life regression
  • Hiking
  • Painting workshop
  • Personal training
  • Muay thai boxing
  • Qi gong
  • Permaculture workshop
  • Horse riding





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